The speed at which modern technology advances is staggering. It is hard even to imagine what our world will be like in 10 years, and what wildgame innovations we will have to see.

However, many scientists and developers already have an idea of what technologies can expect us in the near future. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Technologies of the future

New technologies will not only change people’s daily lives but also the way they communicate. For example, the Internet will be available to people living in remote cities, and medicine will be able to fight rare genetic diseases.

  • Mega constellations of satellites

The main purpose of creating mega satellite constellations is the desire of people to provide high-speed Internet access to all corners of the planet. The development and launch of these satellites are engaged, for example, Elon Musk’s company Starlink.

  •  Pocket Artificial Intelligence.

The technology of artificial intelligence in 2021 will become even more accessible to ordinary users. The smartphone will remain the main guide to the world of AI technology, primarily through smart apps.

  • Artificial intelligence in microbiology

Artificial intelligence is not just used for entertainment. Doctors and biologists use it to create new drugs and antibiotics that can cure rare diseases. The use of AI technology in medicine significantly reduces costs in the industry.

  • Quantum computers

Last fall, Google officially proclaimed “quantum superiority”. However, the company admitted that so far their technology is only capable of performing a single calculation, and the use of quantum machines to solve ordinary problems remains in the distant future. But developments continue and quantum reality is not far off.

  • Anti-aging drugs

Medicine today is not only concerned with the treatment of the major diseases of the century, such as cancer and heart disease. Doctors are also working on anti-aging drugs and technologies to extend life expectancy. Many of these experiments are already being successfully tested on humans.

  • Predicting climate change

Increased computing power has led to the fact that people are now better able to predict climate change and its consequences. These technologies will only continue to evolve. Over time, people will be able to better understand how to preserve the Earth and improve the ecological situation.

  • Secure Internet

The trend of the future is quantum networks. They are much safer and the information in them is better encrypted. Quantum Internet is still a technology of the future, but developments in this area are being actively pursued today.

  • Hyper-personalized medicine

Medicines will be adapted to the needs of each individual patient. This applies primarily to the treatment of rare genetic diseases. Hyper-personalized medicine will give hope to many who suffer from incurable diseases.

  • Digital Money.

The digitalization of currencies will only continue to grow. Already, a huge number of people have little (or no) use for paper money. Banking technology allows for instant transactions and guarantees greater privacy and security.

Now all this technology sounds a little surreal. But for another 20 years, people couldn’t even think about smartwatches or, for example, wireless headphones. So who knows, maybe in a few years there will be robots with artificial intelligence living next to people on the planet, or a cure for all deadly diseases will be invented.