The Importance of technological innovations

In the era of information technology, fast access to information is the main prerequisite for development. Technological innovation has revolutionized many industries. In this article, you will learn about the major technological innovations of this century and their impact on our lives

Key Innovation Technologies of the 21st Century

The 21st century is a time of the most important technological discoveries and innovations. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

  • The emergence of portable information communication devices.

At the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century, mobile telecommunication technologies began to develop dramatically. It began with Bell Laboratories, part of AT&T. The first cell phone weighed 30-40 kilograms without the battery. At the same time engineers from Motorolla were developing theirs. And after only 60-70 years’ mobile communication devices became lightweight, miniature smartphones and tablets weighing no more than half a kilogram.

  • Intelligent robots and systems.

The development of robots began a long time ago when people tried to create humanoid machines. The first developments of modern robots can be dated back to 1959 when the first program-controlled industrial manipulators were built in the United States. Nowadays, intelligent systems surround us everywhere: at home, at work, in cars. Anthropomorphic robots are being actively developed; in the future, they can almost completely replace humans.

  • Mass internet personalization of goods and services.

Personalization of information helps customers find the goods and services they need more quickly. This technology replaces a good salesperson-consultant, who tries to anticipate the desires and needs of the customer. At first, when the system doesn’t yet know the customer, it offers a majority opinion, such as, “This product is also bought with this one.” Then, as information about search queries, views, and other gathered data, it already offers products and services that will be of interest to a specific person.

  • Computerized medical equipment.

Innovations have not bypassed medicine. Modern hospitals are being equipped with the latest automated equipment, which helps doctors save thousands of lives. Internet technologies make it possible to summarize world experience and solve complex problems. Advanced research in various fields of science contributes to the creation of unique equipment. Medical robots eliminate human error in complex operations.

  • Hybrid transportation.

Continuing the theme of alternative energy and moving away from traditional fuel sources, engineers have created vehicles that can move both from an internal combustion engine and electrically-powered. Their creation is a necessary part of the transition to fully electric propulsion due to the smooth development of infrastructure. Such cars have electric motors powered by large-volume batteries. If necessary, they are recharged by the internal combustion engine.

Technological innovation is one of the drivers of economic growth and competitiveness. The introduction of innovations can radically change the market balance between companies, and also the habits of behavior in society. This is the main impact of technology on people and society.